Food Connect is your reliable partner in the supply of fresh products from France.

We offer a wide range of products, among which fresh oysters and other seafoods occupy a special place.

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More new dishes. More satisfied customers. Higher profits.

  • Restaurants and cafes of any level.
  • Hotels and resorts.
  • Catering companies.
  • Stores and supermarkets.
  • Fish markets and grocery stores.

No matter what kind of company you are, Food Connect will make your business even better.

Our benefits that ensure the highest quality products.

Wide assortment

Want to expand your wine list? Or maybe change the cheese in your dishes to French and Italian? Or add the pearl of our range - oysters, to your menu? We source a wide range of products from France. Choose the best products for your customers from 300,000 different items.

Direct supply

We cooperate with the largest food market in Europe - RUNGIS (France). We buy products directly from suppliers and send them by airplane to Georgia. And from the airport the order goes directly to you! This approach allows us to create an unrivalled service, ensuring the delivery of the freshest products of such high quality in Georgia.

Individual approach

Our team is ready to provide you with customised solutions, taking into account the specifics of your business and customer preferences. We pay special attention to each order, ensuring that every delivery is made with the utmost care for freshness and quality. Our team carefully monitors the delivery process, and provides the ability to choose the best time and method of delivery to fit your schedule and business needs.

Uninterrupted Supply

Our company guarantees a stable and uninterrupted supply of produce and seafood, ensuring continuous access to quality products. We are committed to ensuring that your business can respond quickly to customer needs, never lacking the ingredients you need, and always ready to serve even during peaks in demand.

Why choose us instead of doing it yourself?

Let's imagine a situation...
You want to make a special event. Or just want some extra positions in your menu.
And you want them to be as exquisite as we promise. What do you do?

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You do it yourself

1. You register with Rungis (already hard)
2. You find multiple suppliers for multiple products
3. They only allow a minimum of 50 kilograms delivered straight to Georgia
4. You order more than you need
5. You find a company to pack your order
6. You find a company to deal with French customs
7. You find a company to make a veterinary certificate
8. You find a company to deal with Georgian customs
9. You spend time approving your veterinary certificate
10. You pay VAT
11. Only now you can cook your delicious meals

You partner with us

1. Call us on Monday and request any amount of any item you can dream up
2. You get it by the weekend
3. You cook your delicious meals in peace

Our products

Your choice is limited only by your imagination, as we can deliver any of our 300,000 products to you. Here are our favourite categories:

Fresh seafood

Oysters, shrimp, calamari, salmon and more.

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Meat and meat delicacies

French sausage, various types of meat, jamon, Italian ham and other delicacies of the world cuisine.

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Any cheese from France, Italy and other countries.

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Wine List

Our wine selection includes fine varieties from France and other regions of the world to enhance your menu.

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