Fresh oyster delivery. From France, straight to your table.

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First time in Georgia

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the great taste of fresh oysters right in your home.
The freshest oysters. We deliver them by airplane from France and then from the airport directly to your door.

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If you want oysters delivered to you...

Then we are the go to for you.

  1. We deliver oysters from France as fresh as they are.
  2. We bring it right to your table.
  3. You enjoy one of the most exquisite tastes in the world.

Want anything else that you can't get in Georgia?
We are glad to deliver with our Catering!

Fresh seafood

Oysters, shrimp, calamari, salmon and more.

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Meat and meat delicacies

French sausage, various types of meat, jamon, Italian ham and other delicacies of the world cuisine.

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Any cheese from France, Italy and other countries.

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Wine List

Our wine selection includes fine varieties from France and other regions of the world to enhance your menu.

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We also have a seafood supply service for businesses

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